sábado, 26 de maio de 2012

Bibliography (memoir from a emerging country)

"I'm an Android lover and Star Trek fan, a such crazy brazilian, geek and christian city boy, with own thoughts and one of a few that remains being critical.

I do belive in my country, in our capacity, our intelligence, and I'm proudly brazilian, love our culture, our language, our people, our face. We are what we make, and I am making myself what I consider the best, not just for me, but for my people, my brazilianpeople, my suffering people, who wakes up every day with a few bread and go working, work to sustain the nation, the "progress", the "Brazil's growing". What do they receive back? Nothing but exploration. No thanks, no praises, no honors. Just the promisse of a fairer society, that since the beginning of the twentieth century has not been fulfilled. But the hope is the last to die, and we're a hopeful people.

We will change this. Our generation will put on practice what they've planned. Together, we'll change the reality, and there will be no one hungry anymore, no one homeless or unloved. This is our future. Let's fight for it.

[or it could be only a almost 14 year-old teenager dream...]"

Daniel Cunha Rêgo

(caso não saiba inglês, clique aqui ou confira a tradução)

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